|Samantha + Greg|

This Fairhope, Alabama wedding was seriously everything I've dreamed of. The beautiful pastel colors, the sweeping trees...It was everything I'd hoped for! I hadn't heard of Fairhope until Samantha told me they had booked their wedding there. She said, "Just wait, you'll see why." As soon as I drove into the town I knew exactly what she meant. There's not a street in Fairhope that isn't beautiful and charming. My mom took the trip with me for fun and we spent hours walking down the streets, dreaming about living there. The contemporary farm homes right on the coast were truly what dreams are made of. I promised myself that I'd come home, pack my bags, husband and dogs and move. That hasn't happened yet, but maybe one day! 

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do. I enjoyed every minute capturing Greg and Samantha's love for one another. The way they look at each other says it all. and you should see them break it down on the dance floor!!